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This blog is full of all things spooky, intriguing, and entertaining. Everything from urban legends, spooky book and movie reviews, to horror, mystery, and thriller fiction can be found here.

In Legend Tripping, you'll fall down the rabbit hole of urban legends and the grains of truth that created them. I'm not going to regurgitate the legends that you've probably heard a million times. I'm going to delve into the lesser known stories, the incidents only locals know about, and the possible evidence that backs it up.

In fiction, you'll delve into a world that looks like your own, but something isn't quite right. These short stories will disturb and unsettle you (hopefully :) ).

In Books and Movies, you'll find a variety of horror, mystery and thriller reviews of both old and new works. These are my honest opinions, so beware.

Feel free to leave a comment below any of my posts. I thrive on the feedback (both good and bad)!



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