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Writing a Choose Your Own Adventure Book: Story or Guide?

I have been struggling with if Legend Tripping: A "Choose Your Own" Travel Guidewill contain a story or be a true guide book. That's probably confusing for some, but that's the best way I can describe it.

I began writing this book under the assumption that I would follow the structure of every "Choose Your Own Adventure" I've ever read. That is to tell a story and allow for the reader to become the protagonist. I began writing Legend Tripping as a fictional story, which allows for the reader to become the protagonist.

I got four chapters in (complete with choices and paths) before I skimmed through Which Cult Should I Join?This book is a non-fictional "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style book, just like mine. This author's approach is different to my own and, to be honest, I'm thinking this format fits my book best but is less creative.

So, now I'm stuck trying to decide on a structure for my book, which is slowing down the writing pr…

I'm Hosting a Giveaway!

From September 11-15, 2020, I'll be hosting an Amazon giveaway of You're Next: A Short Novel Inspired by True Eventsin celebration of the launch of Revelations: A Horror Anthology.

To read Revelations at half price before its scheduled release date, follow the link below.

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I really appreciate everyone's support and feedback. You all have been invaluable.

Thank You!

In Search of Darkness (2019)

I have been looking for this movie everywhere. I found it two weeks ago online somewhere (I forget the website) for $2,000. Yeah. I didn't want to see it that bad.

But then I found it later that same day on Shudder. I couldn't believe my luck. After a year of looking, I finally have easy access to it. When did that happen? "All right." I thought. "Let's go."

In Search of Darknessis one of the few horror documentaries out there. Directed by David A. Weiner, this flick focuses on the horror movies of the 1980s. There are only a handful of others like it, such as Nightmares in Red, White, and Blueand Horror Noir (Both fabulous documentaries that I highly suggest), but In Search of Darkness goes deep. I'm talking four hours deep.

This movie takes things "first date" slow. Going through each year individually, then focusing on two or three movies within that year, In Search of Darkness is stuffed with talking head interviews from all of your fav…

Host (2020)

Ah. Quarantine movies. They're everywhere now, aren't they? But this one... This movie combines the quarantine narrative with found footage to attempt to scare me. Color me intrigued. 
Host is a 2020 found footage horror movie directed by Rob Savage. It is a story about five friends inviting a medium to join their Zoom meeting for a little seance excitement during COVID-19 quarantine. When Gemma claims she is touched by the spirit of a deceased friend named Jack, candles begin to flicker and strange noises can be heard. 
When the paranormal activity increases to more dangerous levels, Gemma reveals to the medium that Jack isn't real. She improvised the "spirit touching" for laughs. The medium then tells the group that this was a dangerous thing to do; That evil spirits or demons can hide behind the "mask" of an invented spirit. Gemma made a mistake. Now, she and her friends are going to pay for making light of the spirit world.
Based on it's prem…