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Impostor Syndrome on Writers Helping Writers

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that my post on impostor syndrome is now live on the blog Writers Helping Writers! Hopefully, the information in the post will help reassure anyone who is constantly feeling as though they're not good enough.

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


“I don’t believe you.” Chad whined as he pulled a piece of beef jerky from Mark’s pack before Mark could slap his hand away.

“What’s there to believe? It’s horseshit.” Eric poured a half a cup of whiskey, downing it in one gulp.

“It’s not though. The legend goes back centuries in these mountains.” Jack snatched the whiskey bottle out of Eric’s hand as Eric attempted to pour another cup.

Eric and Mark scoffed as Jack leaned forward, elbows on the rickety kitchen table, wetness soaking his thermal shirt. The previous owners had forgotten the old table at the cabin, which was now sticky with alcohol spilt when the group had played beer pong hours before. “They say, the creature still stalks these woods.”

Sensing Jack was gearing up for a long, dramatic story, Eric called to the girl sitting in the only lit corner of the living room, reading a book. “Merideth, honey, you got to come hear this.”

“Another one of Jack’s wild stories? No thanks.” Merideth never took her eyes from her book, her …

Revelations Release

I have exciting news! My new book, Revelations, is due for release September 15, 2020 on Amazon. Revelations is horror-meets-fairy-tale in a crazy mash-up that teaches a lesson. Examples from the book are actually posted in "fiction" on this blog, so check them out!

I will announce updates as they become available.

I am super excited! Thanks everyone for sticking around, it means the world to me!

Lake Mungo (2008)

This. Movie. Was. Amazing.

Okay. That's not all I have to say, but that's the main point.

After a few years of hearing about this film - It's good points and bad points - I finally decided to give Lake Mungo a try. Well, I tried to give it a try in the past, but could never find it (I suspect that because this is an Australian independent film, it was quite scarce in the United States). But now, thanks to more prevalent streaming services (and in particular Tubi), I was finally able to watch this gem.

Written and directed by Joel Anderson, Lake Mungo is a mockumentary that tells the story of a grieving family who has lost their daughter, Alice, due to drowning. After her death, the family experiences inexplicable supernatural events, or so they think. In reality, it is the family's son creating ghostly photographs and video, claiming the ghost is his sister. In the only genuine piece of "evidence", the "ghost" turns out to be a neighbor who is look…

The Rohl Farms Haunting (2013)

I have always loved found footage. There is something about this sub-genre of horror that I can really get into. I've seen a lot of bad found footage throughout the years, but there are some independent gems out there. One of these gems is The Rohl Farms Haunting.

The Rohl Farms Hauntingis a 2013 found footage horror flick directed by Cordero Roman. The film details the making of Cordero's documentary of life on his friend Luke's farm. While filming, Cordero manages to capture strange knocks at the door and things around the house being moved. This happens at the same time every night, leading the friends to believe that the farm is haunted. However, something more sinister than a ghost is visiting the Rohl Farm.

Cinematography and Authenticity 

It is set up early in the film that the character of Cordero is an amateur filmmaker currently in film school. This is evident in the way Cordero uses the camera and articulates everything he is doing while adjusting it. There are t…